We offer testing through our in house and contract source, forensic consulting on case files, report writing and testimony.  We accept cases from any state. 

Laboratory Confirmation and Analysis

We can do on-site weight confirmations of most controlled substances.  If the claimed seizure weight of the controlled substance associated with your case is on the border for a higher charge, we can perform  a confirmation analysis of the weight with our certified weights and analytical balance.  Other forms of confirmatory testing are available upon request.

Forensic Consulting

A stringent and thorough review of the State's case and the evidence can sometimes reveal fundamental issues with collection procedures,  the chain of custody and the  accuracy of the laboratory results for the evidence tested.  Was the evidence collected in a manner to eliminate contamination?  Was all the evidence considered?  Was potential exculpatory evidence not collected and tested?  Was the crime scene and evidence contaminated before it was processed?  We provide a critical eye during a case review and will seek answers those hidden and often overlooked questions.

Report Writing & Testimony

A comprehensive and thorough report of our findings is provided with the understanding that additional courtroom testimony may be required.  If you want assistance with the cross examination of a state expert, we can offer guidance with interpreting complex and scientific testimony. 

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