Our Team

Dana Way and Jon Helsius have been married since 2010.  They have taken that partnership into a new level of professional corroboration.  Dana is the established Chemist and Forensic Consultant that is able to keenly evaluate the scientific side of criminal prosecutions.  Jon is a seasoned and tenacious investigator that has an extensive knowledge of criminal law and the common practices and procedures of law enforcement officials.  Together they have formed a formidable team that is dedicated to preserving the rights and freedom of those who have been accused.

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Our Stategy

We start with a thorough review of the case file including the investigative notes and reports, collected evidence and the chain of custody.  We look for the smallest details that may reveal inappropriate police procedure or conduct.  Is the case sound on its merits or was the investigation narrow and lacking the basic elements to prove opportunity, capability, motive and intent?  Was all the evidence collected by minimizing or eliminating contamination?  Are the chain of custody documents signed and sound?  Did the laboratory use proper procedures and protocol?  We keep open lines of communication with legal counsel and client.  We request additional documents or testing when necessary to gain more information.  We can seek out and interview additional witnesses or uncover additional information.  We can provide legal counsel with guidance during complex questioning of state experts during cross examination.  We strive to confirm complete accuracy.