Jon Helsius - Investigator

                                                                                  About Jon

Jonathon Helsius knew at an early age that he wanted to work in law enforcement.  He began his quest fresh out of high school and joined the United States Air Force and graduated with Honors from the Air Force Police Academy at Lackland Air Force Base in 1987.  Jon served with distinction as a Law Enforcement Specialist with the 55th Security Police Squadron located at Offutt AFB, Nebraska.  During his military enlistment, Jon progressed rapidly and was promoted early after competing against his peers in the "Below the Zone" program.  Jon was always up for a challenge and distinguished himself by requesting more complex positions within his squadron.  As an Airman First Class he was selected to work as a Desk Sergeant/Telecommunicator.  He also tried out for the Emergency Services Team and was selected after a grueling two weeks of assessment and tactical training. 

After leaving the military in 1991, Jon attended college, worked a variety of jobs and eventually moved to North Carolina from Michigan in 1994.  Jon gained experience in mass tort product liability litigation while working as a case worker for Duke's Private Adjudication Center, but his love of police work was always in the back of his mind.  In 1998, Jon was hired by the Durham County Sheriff's Office and he graduated from the Basic Law Enforcement Training academy as the top academic cadet after accumulating a GPA of 99.06.  Jon initially worked for four years as a Patrol Deputy, but his love of motorcycles compelled him to request a transfer to the Motor Unit.  After getting paid to ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle for 2 years, Jon was approached by those working in the Criminal Investigations Unit in 2004.  Jon had developed a reputation of being a very thorough and hard working deputy with superior skills at report writing and documentation.  Jon accepted this new career challenge as a Detective.  Jon worked all types of crimes imaginable, from embezzlement to homicide.  He progressed rapidly and was promoted to Corporal in 2005 and took on the added responsibility of being the department's Arson Investigator.  In 2008, Jon was promoted to Sergeant and was assigned to the Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAAC) to work as a taskforce investigator.  Jon was sworn as a Special Deputy U.S. Marshal and traveled across the state investigating suspicious activity reports that were possibly connected to domestic or international terrorism.  In 2010, Jon was placed in charge of Professional Standards/Internal affairs where he thoroughly investigated complaints lodged against employees of the Sheriff's Office.

In 2015, Jon took a supervisory position with the Raleigh-Durham Airport Police Department.  Jon worked a short while as a Patrol Supervisor and was then transferred to the Criminal Investigations Unit as the Detective Sergeant.  He was promoted to Lieutenant in 2017 and commanded the Special Operations Division which included the Criminal Investigations Unit, K-9 Unit, Training and Recruitment Unit, Checkpoint Unit and the Community Policing Unit.  Jon was also responsible for all Internal Affairs investigations. 

After 26 years of public service, Jon has decided to embark on a new journey.  Having joined forces with Dana Way in 2010 in marriage, it only seemed sensible to join the 3rd Degree Investigations team.  Jon has a unique perspective of the criminal justice system.  He has worked many complex criminal cases and has always honored and respected the rights of everyone involved.  He has investigated law enforcement officers for misconduct.  Jon has known many excellent criminal investigators and forensic technicians throughout his career, but he has also seen some who were more suited for directing traffic than investigating a homicide.  There are a few that slip through the cracks and sometimes the pressure of the job causes mistakes.  There are some within law enforcement that lack the ability, the knowledge and the training to be competent investigators.  Jon does not believe in the concept of "the ends justify the means" and there has to be a "checks and balances" mentality in criminal prosecutions.  There has to be someone to watch and guard the rights of the accused.  Jon has decided to put his tenacious skills as an investigator and his strong commitment for integrity to work on behalf of the accused.   


1987 Air Force Police Academy, Law Enforcement Specialist Course (Honors)

1987 Army Ground Combat Skills Course – Ft. Dix, NJ

1988 Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Course

1989 USAF Emergency Service Team Certification Course

1989 NCIC/NCIS Terminal Certification

1989 USAF Supervisor Safety Course

1989 USAF Professional Military Education – NCO Preparatory Course

1998 Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET)

1998 Officer Survival School

2000 ASP Baton: Defensive Tactics

2000 Field Training Officer Course

2000 Basic Radar Operator Certificate

2003 Basic Motor Officer Training

2003 Standardized Child Passenger Safety Training

2004 Police Law Institute

2004 Instructor Training - Basic

2005 FBI Post Blast Investigator School

2005 Arson Investigation course

2006 Interview and Interrogation course

2006 Identity Theft Investigations course

2006 Death Investigations course

2007 First Line Supervision course

2008 Basic Anti-Terrorism Awareness course

2008 Major Gang Task Force training conference

2008 Incident Command System IS-100

2008 Terrorism Update course

2009 Incident Command System IS-200

2009 Incident Command System IS-300

2009 Neo-Nazi/Racist Skinhead and Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs course

2009 Suicide Bomber/VBIED Planning and Response

2009 Fusion Center Practitioners Open Source Training

2009 Critical Infrastructure Key Resource Asset Protection Technical Asst. Program

2009 A Guide to Understanding Militant Islamist Terrorism course

2009 Mass Shootings Planning and Response course

2009 Identification of Fraudulent Documents course

2009 Surveillance Detection Course for Municipal Officials

2010 Incident Command System IS-400

2010 Israeli Counterterrorism Training Course

2010 Threat & Risk Assessment Course

2010 N.C. Internal Affairs Investigations Course (NCIAIA)

2010 Arrestee DNA Collection Procedures

2010 Criminal Justice Instructor Certificate, State of North Carolina

2010 Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate

2011 Death Notification training seminar

2011 Equivocal Death Investigations

2011 Analyzing Behavior in Serial Murder/Sexual Homicide

2016 North Carolina Specialized Firearms Instructor course.