About Dana Way

Dana over the last 13 years has consulted on cases involving illicit substances, crime scene evidence, hair testing, DNA testing, collection of evidence and more.  Each case is different and presents a new set of circumstances.  She has worked a wide variety of cases including wrongful employment terminations to complex homicides.  All of the elements in each case need to be examined so that the most accurate conclusion of the truth can be revealed.   

Chemist and Forensic Consultant

Letting science tell the truth, instead of forcing the truth through the science

Dana Way

Dana Way

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Dana M. Way

Bachelor of Science, Forensic Scientist/Chemist, CMI-V, RI, CFC, Certified Instructor

3rd Degree Investigations, Inc.

205 S. Country Club Dr.

Oxford, NC 27565

Phone: 919-427-5592

Email: [email protected]

Employment History:

 1989-1990:  Chemist for Commonwealth Laboratories.  Duties included analysis, report writing, laboratory methods and procedures for a variety of instrumentation including wet chemistry, GC, GC/MS, AA, IR.

1990-1995:  Chemist for Roche Analytics Laboratories.  Duties included analysis and reporting, laboratory methods and procedures, method development, and a variety of instrumentation analysis including ICAP, Ultrasonic Nebulizer for ICAP, AA.

1995-2005:  Owner, operator, and director of Mira-Stat Corporation, a pharmaceutical development firm specializing in FDA controlled products.  Independent consultant for FDA controlled substances, poisons, toxic metals and DNA.

1998-2010:  Owner, operator, and director of Cable Technology Group Inc., a manufacturer of both electrical and non-electrical internal components for pharmaceutical and defense communications equipment.  Maintained operations for a staff of 15 employees and handled technical and financial duties for the entire company.

2005- Present:  Forensic Chemist/Investigator for 3rd Degree Investigations, Inc., in the field of DNA, narcotics, poisons, hair analysis review and examination.  3rd Degree Tactical Firearms Institute was in operation from 2008-2010 and was another leg of operation offering specific training designed for tactical operations and skill development.  I was the sole operator and promoted all aspects of training and operations which developed skills for all groups from beginner to advanced shooters.  Other fields of experience include, but are not limited to, crime scene analysis, criminal investigation, crime scene evidence review and child custody cases involving drugs and abuse.


2012 – 2012:  CAO (Chief Association Officer) for American College of Forensic Examiners Institute, American Psychotherapy Association and the American Association of Integrative Medicine.  A contracted position with duties focused on new program training course development, member retention, new sales growth and development, member growth, marketing, developing new sales strategies, team building within the staff and attendance at board member meetings.   


Profile:  More than ten years experience in the field of DNA, narcotics, poisons, hair testing results and determinations, false positive and false negative result determination of controlled substance testing, crime scene evidence review, investigation and case consultation.  Expert consultation and testimony experience in criminal, civil, superior, military and federal courts.  Consultant to state and federal law enforcement agencies.  Areas of concentration:

• DNA – Cases - 20-30 with some requiring testimony

• Narcotics – Cases - 100+ with some requiring testimony

• Poisons – Cases – 3 – none requiring testimony

• Crime Scene Case Review and Investigation

• Criminal Analysis

• Gunshot wounds – Cases – 2 none requiring testimony

• Cocaine Analysis when doped with Menthol (report presented to the New Orleans Office of the DEA)

• Controlled Substance Reweigh Analysis – Mobile and on site (no need to transfer evidence to alternate site, can be done at the evidence holding location) – Cases - 5 none requiring testimony

• Crime scene evidence review

• Case study review and analysis with reporting

• Expert Consultation and Testimony

o All cases worked included crime scene review with evidence review, analysis review and reporting.


Testimony Cases:

• Child Custody Case – Hutchins vs. Smallwood, Cocaine in Hair

• NC Department of Social Services vs. Hutchins, custody of child, cocaine in Hair Testing

• NC Wake County in the Matter of William Rhodes and Braxton Rhodes

o Case 08 JA 227/228

• US vs. Darryl Ray Robbins, et. Al

o 08-93-ART

• NC vs. Justin Jeffery Otts

o 07CRS051853

• NC vs. Robert Reaves

o 08CRS6466 DNA Murder Case

• KY vs. Curtis Lewis

o 05-19200

• US vs. Sgt. Gidden

o Fort Bragg 82nd Airborne DNA Sexual Assault Case

• VA vs. Marcanio

o VAB10-03681

• Cooper Hearing FDLE – Cocaine Hair Testing

• Cameron Rhoads

o Child Custody hearing cocaine in hair testing

Education:  B.S. Virginia Commonwealth University 1988, Department of Education in Chemistry

32 total Credit hours in Concentration

Continuing Education American College of Forensic Examiners (ACFEI)

DNA President’s Initiative Continuing Education, DNA.gov

Affiliates:   Member American College of Forensic Examiners Institute, ACFEI, Member #110303

Diplomat, American Board of Registered Investigators

Chairman, American Board of Registered Investigators 2012

Chief Field Instructor ACFEI 2012


• Certified Medical Investigator Level II, CMI-II – 30 Course Credit Hours 2009

• STR Data Analysis and Interpretation for Forensic Analysts

• DNA Extraction and Quantitation for Forensic Analysts

• Population Genetics and Statistics for Forensic Analysts

• Communication Skills, Report Writing, and Courtroom Testimony for Forensic Analysts

• DNA Amplification for Forensic Analysts

• Advanced and Emerging DNA Techniques and Technologies

• Laboratory Orientation and Testing of Body fluids and Tissues for Forensic Analysts

• Collecting DNA Evidence at Property Crime Scenes

• Crime Scene and DNA Basics for Forensic Analysts

• Registered Investigator, RI

• DNA: A Prosecutor’s Practice Notebook

• Tranquilizer Drug Forensics

• Typical and Atypical Homicide: Investigative Differences in cold Case Profiling

• Finding IED’s Before They find You: The SMOKE system of Training for Hazardous Device Detection

• Certified Medical Investigator III

• Interpreting Nonverbal Communication for Use in Detecting Deception

• The Offender Interaction Process Model

• Addressing the Urgent Need for Multi-Dimensional Training in Law

• The Last Frontier: Myths and the Female Psychopathic Killer

• Conflict and Crisis Communication

• Leadership Principles: Defined and Delivered

• Miranda Revisited

• Certified Medical Investigator IV

• Certified Medical Investigator V

• Certified Forensic Consultant

• Certified Instructor

Authored Publications:

2009, DNA:  Crime Scene Evidence, Certification Module for the American Board of Registered Investigators.

2012 Presumptive and Confirmatory Testing for Controlled Substances Certification Module

2012 Clandestine Methamphetamine Laboratories:  Hazards and Risks Associated

2018 - Author - Injustice: Trust and Verify  (Available on Amazon.com)

Public Speaking:

2010 National Conference ACFEI – DNA: Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Transfer

2010 CLE for the North Carolina Criminal Trial Attorney’s Association – DNA for Trial Attorneys

2011 National Conference ACFEI – Presumptive and Confirmatory Testing of Controlled Substances

2011 NC Bar Association CLE – DNA: Understanding DNA Evidence and Transfer Contamination

2012 National Summit ACFEI – Forensic Science of Marijuana and Rule 702, Executive Summit, Dates 10/12/14 to 10/14/2012

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“This book is dedicated to all of those who are seeking truth and justice because they were wrongfully convicted and wrongfully accused.”

Dana M. Way - Author

Our Strategy

We start with a thorough review of the case file including the collected evidence, the reports and the chain of custody.  Was all the evidence collected by minimizing or eliminating contamination?  Are the chain of custody documents signed and sound?  Did the laboratory use proper procedures and protocol? 
We keep open lines of communication with legal counsel and client.  We request additional documents or testing when necessary to gain more information.  We provide legal counsel with guidance during complex questioning of state experts during cross examination.  We strive to confirm complete accuracy.