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We have more that 20 years experience in the field of Chemistry and more than 10 years experience assisting legal counsel defend their clients.  We have verified weights of controlled substances, reviewed law enforcement evidence collection procedures and the chain of custody, reviewed crime scene evidence and investigative procedures, challenged or verified laboratory testing results and provided comprehensive reports and testimony on findings in the courtroom.  Anyone accused of a crime has the legal right to use independent experts to assist in their defense and may also qualify for indigent funds to pay for that expert.  Any assistance provided by 3rd Degree Investigations is delivered with the highest level of integrity.  

The evidence tells the story and the science tells the truth. 

Forcing a version of truth with a picture that is similar can be worse than no truth at all.  Sometimes there is more to the story than the immediate evidentiary conclusions reveal.   Scientific findings require critical scrutiny and it is this necessary step that  may lead to further testing or the elimination of tainted or unsound evidence.  To accept a forensic or laboratory report without questioning it, is a significant injustice to the accused.  It may mean the difference between conviction and acquittal or perhaps lead to the basis for a strong appeal. 

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We really appreciate the lengths you go to reach the most accurate outcome possible.  We will use you for future weight analysis and recommend you to others!  Great job, great report, all in a timely manner, thanks again.

Public Defender, Raleigh, NC

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